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Johnny's live band consists of his good friends Steven Taylor, Zander Griffith and Christian Healey, all of whom have their own bands as well.


The Doowopdeathboys are experienced musicians with extensive backgrounds in the Roots/Americana scene. Steven Taylor has shared the stage with Junior Watson, Johnny Moeller and Nathan James and performed at Jimmy Buffet's. Original Margaritaville as Steven's father "Fingers" Taylor was Mr. Buffet's longtime harmonica player. Zander Griffith is a highly in demand standup bass and electric bass player who plays with renowned guitarist and book writer Deke Dickerson, Zander is also a member of the Reckless Ones. Christian Healey grew up playing with Johnny in church, then cutting his teeth with punk and metal bands. At Johnny's shows Christian has backed up the likes of Big Sandy, David Hidalgo of Los Lobos and Johnny's father legendary blues guitarist Kid Ramos.

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